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Saturday August 18, 2018

This page is intended for use by Exchange associates only. The business applications normally associated with home.aafes.com are still available via validated logon to the internal Exchange network using LAN ID and password.

Exchange associates requiring remote access from non-Exchange locations to business applications normally associated with home.aafes.com will need to use a remote logon access. Users requiring remote access will need to contact their Local Security Officer or Exchange Computer Technician for assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation as we improve the security of the Exchange computer network.


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    Coming Soon in September - MyApps





    Duo Two Factor Authentication


    Introducing MyApps, your new Exchange Associate portal

    My Apps is an all-in-one associate portal, protected with two factor authentication (2FA).  2FA logins require you to approve a login through a smartphone app or respond with a one-time PIN number from an SMS text message.  For those who do not wish or do not have a smart phone or cell phone, you may choose a landline number and respond via an automated phone call.

    What is changing?

    If you currently access Exchange intranet web sites  like Employee Self Service, LEX and the Exchange Intranet home page, you will be redirected to https://myapps.aafes.com .  Once there, you will log in using your Exchange LAN ID and password and will be prompted for your two-factor authentication token.

    What Do I Need To Do?

    Before accessing MyApps, you will need to enroll your two-factor account.   (If you completed DUO enrollment for another application like external email, Remote Desktop, VPN, or PCI access, you are already enrolled and no action is necessary.  Prompts for your 2FA token will be much the same as you have become accustomed to with those applications.)

    To enroll, login to the Exchange 2FA enrollment portal ( https://duo.aafes.com) from a PC on the Exchange network and complete the enrollment process.  You will need your LAN ID and password, along with a smartphone, cell phone or landline number to complete your enrollment profile.  When using a smartphone, you must have a PIN password protected screen lock enabled.

    Detailed instructions are available on the DUO documentation site.


    For additional help or to provide feedback on the enrollment process, contact multifactor@aafes.com.


    Thank you,

    Exchange - Information Technology Security